Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement- Captains Bounty On The Beach Motel And Captains Bounty Beach View Motel



We recognize that there are many different challenges to accessibility, as every individual’s experience is unique. While we are committed to accommodating all guests to the best of our ability, Captain’s Bounty on the Beach and Captain’s Bounty Beach View may not be accessible to every individual, as they were built approximately seventy (70) years ago, decades before the enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as amended. Due to the properties’ age, size, and historic nature, they are unable to meet ADA requirements and, as such, there are no Accessible Rooms at these hotels because their pre-ADA construction dimensions severely restrict the ability to do so. The properties have not undertaken any new construction or substantial alterations since they were built, only routine maintenance and upkeep. As such, there are not any readily achievable or technically feasible structural updates applicable to the properties to provide any accessibility features beyond those which may already be present on site. Together, the two properties contain fourteen (14) different room types, distributed throughout the combined forty (40) total rooms across both locations. The properties are designed to intentionally provide guests with an enhanced “solitary” experience from the everyday stresses of life, so the rooms lack most modern equipment. There is no Lobby, Concierge Desk, or Hotel Atrium at either property. There is only a second-floor office where the manager(s) on-duty may be reached. There are no Elevators located at either property, so guests must avail themselves to using stairs to navigate the properties accordingly. The properties do not offer any amenities, such as, Restaurants, Pools, Public Restrooms, or Lounge Areas. There is no Room Service in the traditional sense, only daily housekeeping at the discretion of guests. Room doorway entrances are twenty-nine inches (29”) wide.

Direct beach access is only available off hotel property, through public property owned by the Town of Rockport. Our rooms do not come equipped with any phones, so guests must avail themselves to using their own electronic or cellular devices. Due to the properties’ pre-ADA construction, at this time, our in-room bathrooms cannot sustain structural or plumbing upgrades to implement grab bars, roll-in showers, accessible toilets, or handheld shower heads. Our rooms are very tight and walking paths may not be wide enough for individuals requiring wheelchairs to navigate unimpeded. In-room turning ratios are extremely restricted and, in addition, some of our Suites contain spiral staircases leading from sitting quarters up to a second-level bedroom area. Hotel management and ownership is currently making good-faith efforts to identify what accessibility “barriers” may be removed without the need for substantial construction/alterations, if possible, and will be endeavoring to update either location appropriately.

For more information regarding accessibility at the properties, please call us at (978) 546-9557 to speak to one of our representatives or email us at


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